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Janine Edwards BSc., MBA, C. Dir.

Business Leader, Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Mentor

Janine Edwards sitting in chair with arms and legs crossed

Meet Janine

Throughout her career, she has found herself working in a range of industries, collaborating with a wide variety of talented people, and learning a lot herself.

One of the main lessons she’s learned is the fact that life, and business, do not have to be ‘zero-sum’.

We can all win!

If we approach life with a perspective of abundance, and with a genuine desire to help those around us, we can unlock hidden potential within ourselves, improve our communities, and positively impact the world.

More about Janine
  • It has been my great pleasure in working with Janine Edwards on a professional level for the past 14 years. In this time, I have found her to be a very professional and talented individual. Janine is creative and brilliantly spontaneous. She has a fabulous sense of delivery in many areas of public speaking, and motivational speech writing and delivery. She has executed may applauded messages at our annual membership meetings that have been impactful and shared regionally. She possesses a brilliant mind and is thoughtful, helpful and supportive to many in our community. Janine has a passion for whatever she does, and delivers it brilliantly and without reservation She has proven to be a great force in our community in Anguilla, both in within the Tourist Industry, which she displays great talent and professionalism. She continues to be the host of the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Associations weekly broadcast Tourism is Key, and does an exceptional job. She is the go to person for many in Anguilla as our first stop for Think Tank solutions. It is without any reservations that I am happy to support Janine on her various endeavors. 

    Gilda Gumbs Samuel
    CEO, (Retired) Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association
  • Over the years as I have interacted and collaborated with Janine, she continues to impress with her impeccable standards and superlative work ethic – the consummate professional. The ease with which Janine executes challenging tasks and the natural charm which causes others to be their best selves are among her most native gifts. In addition to being a bastion for best practice in her field Janine is the embodiment of energetic excellence, bold grace and intentional commitment.

    Lennox Vanterpool
  • Janine Edwards is an incredible force! A combination of elegance, professionalism, and incredible ability. I have worked with people all over the world and Janine has exceeded anyone we’ve ever worked with before. Her ability to get things done with grace, detail, excellent and timely communication, and exceptional vision makes any project she would be involved with excel on a global level. It was an honor to work with Janine on the World Doctors Orchestra Concert in Anguilla featuring Grammy and Emmy Award-winning Emily Bear performing with an orchestra made up of 50 Doctors from around the world, who are also professional musicians, conducted by Stefan Willich. Janine played a leading role in coordinating concert venue, rehearsal spaces, meals, special dinner events, transportation, press, and the technical production team to make an event involving a team of more than 100 people flow smoothly and successfully.

    Andrea Bear
  • Janine is a very professional business mentor who is able to see the big picture whilst also honing in on the nitty gritty. She is articulate, personable and very well connected within the Luxury Hospitality Industry and have held several key roles within that industry.
    She has very strong analytical skills. Janine is able to dissect complex issues into smaller components to see how they are interconnected and draw conclusions. This is a true gift.

    Her critical thinking skills are way above the average. She is a rational thinker who approaches issues critically and always comes up with optimal solutions. I always enjoy being part of a committee when Janine is on board. She is a great communicator, creative thinker and she has fantastic problem-solving skills. Janine has already set a legacy in our community. She is the go-to-person if you want results as she is always super charged and results driven daily.

    Annmarie M. E. Letang BBA, MBA, CHT, ICHT
    Principal/HR Consultant/Trainer Summit Synergies

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